The National Haitian Student Alliance, Inc. (N.H.S.A) is a non-profit organization that serves as an umbrella organization to all Haitian student organizations and affiliated clubs in the United States and Canada’s community colleges, universities, and all forms of higher learning institutions. Since 1998, N.H.S.A has gathered Haitian student organizations to develop young leaders. The purpose of NHSA is to unite Haitian youth nationwide by hosting conferences to provide educational, internship, and leadership opportunities for students through scholarships, project involvement, training, and workshops.

Every year we strive to bring together students, professionals, and community leaders in dialogue that will identify and address issues confronting Haitian students and celebrate Haiti’s dynamic culture. National Haitian Student Alliance strongly believes that we (Haitians students and professionals) must organize strategically in the United States in order to attain tangible change for Haitians in the U.S. and abroad.

Our overall goal is to strengthen your organization through social networking, leadership support, organizational structure, strategic planning, and community involvement. We plan on doing this by:

  • Holding seminars and lectures for educational purposes.
  • Coordinating and executing social events.
  • Holding general meetings to discuss issues that directly affect the Haitian-American community.
  • Inviting guest speakers to talk on different issues concerning Haitian college students and young Haitian professionals.

This year’s conference theme is Legacy of the Chronicles “Standing Stronger with Haiti”. March 23rd-26th, 2017 in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. We encourage and welcome your support and participation.

Your feedback will be of utmost importance so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at

We promise to serve you better always.


Lucson Joseph